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A smart integrated technology for assisted care and support

We generate an elevated standard of care and support through data excellence and intelligent insights.

Let us help you live well, at home.

Join us for our Open House to see the smart, integrated care technology in action and join the trial to test it in your own home.

Live Your Best Life With Connected Care

Easycare Tech is a platform that gives real time insights and generates consolidated care records for families and care providers. We take the hard work out of keeping everyone on the same page, improving the safety, support and quality of life for residents needing support at home.

Solutions and Services - Easycare Tech

Solution & Service

Easycare Tech is an integrated digital platform that combines smart health monitoring with meaningful behavioural insights. We are working to provide proactive case management, powered through excellent data and advanced algorithms.

Data Security & Privacy Protection

We know that health data is sensitive and personal, and it’s our responsibility to keep it private and secure. That’s why Easycare Tech's system is designed with industry leading security.

A More Human & Connected Mode of Assisted Care

The future of assisted care will be powered by better tools and better resource management. Our platform provides clarity where there is often uncertainty and empowers residents, families and care providers with a more meaningful standard of information.

Visit our display room.

To get a look at how Easycare technology can be incorporated into a care environment, take our virtual 3D Tour.

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