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Easycare Tech Cloud is an intelligent platform which auto-collects, manages, analyses user data and apply them in a smart way.

The Cloud​


  • Automatic collection and processing of data from specialised devices.
  • Data is organised and shared across four dedicated applications simultaneously.
  • The seamless integration between user hardware and software makes the user experience simple and empowering.



• Connects to medical and smart devices​
• Reviews health, alert and activity records
• Assign access to family members and carers​


• Receive alerts​
• Can check resident health status and information, if permitted​


• Real time health monitoring​
• Vital signs measurement​
• Alerts reminder and review
• Historical data review​
• Location and activity check​


• Real time health monitoring​
• Dashboard summaries​
• Alert configuration​
• Carer and resident management​
• Resident and family management​
• Access/security management​
• Device management

Open Platform​

Easycare Tech is working with world-leading hardware manufacturers to create a supportive network of smart devices and is structurally ready for connection with device suppliers worldwide. ​

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