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For Providers

Easycare Technology works with Provider organisations in the Home Care and Disability Support sectors – any organisation looking after people with a vulnerability, seeking to live in their own home – to help them better measure, monitor, and manage their clients’ needs.

As a care manager in a Provider organisation, you can access a dashboard via our web portal to get both summary portfolio information and detailed individual insights into the wellbeing of all the clients you are supporting.

As a case manager or care and support worker in the field, you can access the Easycare Technology Operation Portal or App to get meaningful insights into the health and well-being of the people you are supporting.

You can also receive an alert if a fall event occurs.

Easycare Technology’s dashboard with detailed analytics and our carer app improve staff productivity and help organisation leaders better manage risk and labour costs.

Learn more about our products here or contact us to arrange a demonstration or to discuss your organisation’s needs.

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