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Connected Nursing for Homecare​

Better Connected Nursing Through Smart Call and Emergency Systems

Smart Technology Powering Emergency Call Systems

can present challenges in home environments. It’s essential that there are measures in place to ensure a person’s safety while continuing to live independently.

Easycare Tech have developed a platform that makes it possible to monitor and react quickly whenever a person’s safety is at stake. Our platform uses cloud-based technology and smart health and safety devices to generate a more connected mode of nursing in home care settings.


Connected Nursing and the Future of Ageing in Place

A comprehensive suite of smart devices that can be worn or placed around the house ensure that help is never out of reach. In the case of a fall or medical emergency, these devices offer an accessible and intuitive interface that ensures help will be on the way.

Nurses stationed across Easycare Tech service areas will be ready to assist in emergency events, equipped with information gathered from smart devices and our smart app. You can find out more about the range of wearable smart tech and home solutions by following the link below.

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At Easycare Tech, we understand the difficulties of balancing independence and support in aged care. Our platform is designed to afford individuals a greater degree of freedom to remain in their own homes, all the while safe in the knowledge that support is nearby if needed. To find out more about our platform, and how we can help you generate a more connected mode of nursing in home care settings, don’t hesitate to reach out.