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Connected Nursing for Homecare​

With an increasing preference for homecare living, Nurse Assisted Home Care is a major service that Easycare Tech will be offering. 

Nurses will be stationed across different suburbs and be responsible for a group of users. Monitoring their health through the applications and available to assist if required.  


Resident Concierge​

Our 24/7 concierge and messaging service has been designed in mind for the preferences in communication that the elderly residents may have.

This concierge will act as a service to support their immediate needs such as purchasing food or organising transportation, as well as organising upcoming medical appointments, or other related matters.

With our service centre staff having access to each individual account they will have transparency over the individual’s requirements. Ensuring that individuals who may have a condition such as dementia are not placing multiple orders, or mis-managing their affairs. 

One Stop Service​

Our One Stop Service provides access to a world of essential services from taxis to gardening. 

Our mobile app for users has built-in links of popular global and qualified local services like Uber, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, EASI, Airtasker and many more.

OUR professional team member

Take a look to our professional team members.


Kenneth Patton

Team Leader

Isabelle Sandoval

Founder & CEO

Danny Joseph


Ray McCarthy