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Future Services

Connected Nursing for Homecare​

With an increasing preference for home care living, delivering the support tools to independent Nurses/Home Carers is intended to be a major service offering.

Independent Nurses/Home Carers could be stationed across different suburbs on a “hub and spoke” model, responsible for small groups of users, monitoring their health, activity and vital signs centrally through our platform.

Resident Concierge​

Our proposed 24/7 concierge is intended to act as a support service if required for any alerts and alarms or other immediate needs such as organising upcoming medical appointments, or other related matters. ​

With our service centre staff having access to each individual account they would have transparency over an individual’s requirements

One Stop Service​

Our proposed One Stop Service is intended to provide access to a world of essential services from transport to gardening. ​

Our mobile app for users will have built-in links with popular global and qualified local services like Uber, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, EASI, Airtasker and many more.​

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