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Connected Devices

Smart Health Device​s

  • Ensuring each user can have a safe and dignified lifestyle supported by non-wearable and wearable devices which monitor their health accurately.
  • Simplifying the monitoring of user health for individuals, staff and family.
Easycare Tech is working with world-leading hardware manufacturers to create a supportive network of smart devices.

Device Lineup

Smart GPS Watch

• Triple accurate positioning
• SOS calling
• Geo fence & leave alarm
• Historical route

Body Composition Scale

• Large display​
• Easy weight and body fat measurement​
• Bluetooth connectivity

Fall Detection Sensor

• Real time falling down alert ​
• Multiple sensor connections
• Privacy protected​
• Always on

Finger Pulse​ Oximeter

• Portable size
• Colour display
• One touch measuring
• Same time pulse and blood oxygen monitoring

Digital Thermometer

• Night mode
• One second measuring
• Radiation free

Blood​ Pressure Monitor​ ​ ​

• Device reads results aloud​
• Easy to wear​
• Portable and pocketable

Intelligent Nursing Bed

  • Adjustable bed position
  • Automatic out-of-bed assistance
  • Inductive auxiliary lighting
  • Non-inductive physical sign monitoring
  • Intelligent IoT
  • Smart control