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About Us

About Us

Easycare Tech is an integrated digital platform that combines smart health monitoring with meaningful behavioural insights. We are working to provide proactive case management, powered through excellent data and advanced algorithms.

This technology has been created to address the social, emotional and financial challenges which exist in the care and support environment and to enhance personalisation, transparency and family and carer engagement.

  • Increase resident freedoms and quality of life.​
  • Connect loved ones together with meaningful information and incorporate family into the care team.
  • Support carers and medical personnel with meaningful information to assist medical treatment.
  • Reduce staff workloads where possible through smart monitoring and allow more time for caring.
  • Reduce the overhead costs of care and support facilities.

Our Mission​

Is to improve the safety, support and quality of life for residents in need at home

Our target is to serve and help:

0 m+
Residents in need and their families
0 k+
Dedicated individuals in the paid care and support workforces

Why Us

Secure Connection

We connect residents, their families, and carers in all forms by providing real time insights about the residents’ wellbeing and consolidated care records with a consolidated health record.

Real-time Health Signs

Continuous monitoring keeps track of vital signs and location and generates health reports automatically.

Auto Detection & Emergency Response

Our platform can generate a range of alerts and alarms together with fast access to a resident’s health information/condition, allows the best possible level of support and care.

Open Platform

Easycare Tech is working with world-leading hardware manufacturers to create a supportive network for a range smart devices.

Smart Algorithms

Easycare Tech is working on algorithms that will collect and analyse an individual’s daily routines to identify any “out of routine” activity that may need assistance and support as well as patterns which may lead to future health issues.

Key Differences

No big upfront purchases

All our devices are on a monthly rental plan and suit most home care packages and budgets.

We’re a broad based platform

While our current functionality is on collecting and recording vital signs data, sleep data and falls detection and other alerts, we’re also focussed on adding movement and energy devices and related alert algorithms in the near future.

We can transfer data into your operator care records

We will develop an API to allow data transfer to your system.

We offer choices

Your residents can select the devices of their choice.

We’re an open platform and flexible

If you don’t want some of our devices we’ll look to connect your devices of choice.

We want an enduring relationship

Our relationship is about generating meaningful insights through tailored practical solutions that work for you and your residents.


Meet Our Team


Geoff Grady


Kevin Yang


James Li


Jeff Gilling

Sales Manager
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