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About Us

  • Increase resident freedoms and quality of life.​
  • Reduce staff workloads through smart monitoring.​
  • Support medical professionals with informative data to allow medical prevention over treatment.​
  • Connect loved ones together and incorporate relatives into the care team​.
  • Reduce the overhead costs of aged care facilities.​

Easycare Tech

Easycare Tech is an integrated digital aged care system that combines health monitoring, smart caring and proactive medical prevention technologies, powered by excellent data,  advanced algorithm and intelligent core.

This technology has been created to address the social, emotional and financial challenges which exist in the aged care industry and enhance personalisation, transparency and family engagement.

Reason for people choose us

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Data for All Your People

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A New Breed of AI

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Analytics Business Data

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Our Mission​

To improve the safety, health and quality of life of all individuals within the Aged Care industry ​

Target to serve and help:

0 m+
Senior consumers and whoever requires care
0 k+
Individuals in the aged care workforce

Easycare Tech

Smart Algorithm

Easycare Tech Cloud is able to collect and analyse individual’s data to identify patterns which may lead to health issues and to help prevent medical issues before they arise.​

Secure Connection

Connect users, families, and staff together providing transparent medical information about the wellbeing of their loved ones with complete user health data privacy control and protection.​

Real-time Health Signs

Continous monitoring keep track of health status and generate health reports automatically.

​Auto Detect & Emergency Response

Enable fast access to user’s health information/condition, allow the best level of treatment and care. Nurses will also be able to quickly attend the scene if emergency services are delayed. 

One-stop Services

24/7 resident concierge service with a large range of built-in popular global and qualified local services through the Easycare partnership network.​

Open Platform

Easycare Tech is working with world-leading hardware manufacturers to create a supportive network of smart devices and is structurally ready for connection with device suppliers worldwide. ​